Finishing Well

December 28, 2012 in christian thought, faith, love

This has been a great¬† year for us, even when we take into consideration the setbacks. God has been all sufficient and we have to admit that He has done marvelous. We cannot count our blessings because they are so many but we need to give thanks for all that we can recall of all the many blessings. The year is almost over and God deserves that much respect because He did His best for us and He did it just because He is God. Read the rest of this entry →

Christ Our Strength

December 25, 2012 in christian thought, faith, forgiveness, love

Have you ever been in a situation where you see someone that you want to witness to and you feel paralyzed? Yo know in your heart that you should talk to the individual but the words just don’t come. In you heart it feels so right but fear just overwhelms your entire being.¬† What about the times when you make a plan to talk to someone about Christ and on the day that you get the courage to make the move, they don’t show up? Read the rest of this entry →

Jesus, Our Reason For The Season

December 15, 2012 in christian thought, faith, love

Let us never forget why we celebrate Christmas. It seem s vogue to call it XMAS but it means that we have removed the Christ from the season. We are Christians and we should never allow the world to dictate to us what we believe. Especially when it come to our Lord Jesus Christ and our worship of Him. Let the world know that we will not compromise our belief to satisfy their discomfort of the truth. Our Lord is the way the truth and the life of this fallen world and we need to be proud to be on His side. Let us love Him throughout this season, He is the reason for it.

Glorify God Even When The Situation is Uncomfortable

November 29, 2012 in christian thought, faith, love

Sometimes the Lord allows us to be in growth producing situations and these situations may feel uncomfortable but they will produce results if we count it towards the glory of God. The Lord knows what we need to get us pass the level we are at but we ourselves don’t. He knows what the process is and how it will all develop. He doesn’t tell us of His plan most of the time because we are weak and He wants to develop trust in us for Himself.

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