Welcome To idigchrist.com

February 19, 2012 in christian thought

This is a great opportunity for us as Christians to create an online community in which we can share our thoughts and experiences. You are free to talk about Christ as much as you want. Share all that you want and encourage all that you want. We are all at different levels of maturity in our walk with the Lord and getting some hard questions answered is a great thing. This community is designed to uplift and strengthen each other. It is never for the purpose of criticizing each other. We are all that we’ve got. The secular world cannot strengthen us, only Christ can. He uses each one of us to impact each others lives.

3 responses to Welcome To idigchrist.com

  1. Sup fam? M O F Convention this weeken was awesome man. Did you get a chance to see it online? We were streaming all weekend. Oh by the way, we only had one camera running can you believe it? the controller for cam 2 went dead on sat just b4 we did sound check. I was soooo mad man…lol of all the times to go down on us..Anyway, God is still good at least we had one cam. it’s better than not having nothing at all. We had no camera for the audience so we couldn’t mix the video. other than that we had a blast man. God has a plan for you my brother just keep trusting and depending on him, your deliverance is coming soon. Be blessed!

  2. Thanks for joining me in this K. Love you much.

  3. LOVING IT ALREADY! Blessings